Within Various Constellations

[ The Gallows Bird  //  Thursday, 3rd December 2009 ]
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“I was the hero of a brutal father and an indifferent mother, I was the aftermath of that, in this strange room of nowhere I felt and sniffed and peeled at the death of others as I arranged for my own.”

The Gallows Bird’s second, more enigmatic, release, Within Various Constellations presents beautiful instrumental folk songs packed with layered flutes, harmonious glockenspiel and gentle finger-picked guitars. But the sense of place presented by the song titles and packaging is dark and tragic, suggesting that under the surface of these tunes something sinister is lurking under the surface. The slow creep of snare drums and out-of-tune piano over drone minor-key chords over certain songs helps to cement that feeling.

Within Various Constellations was produced in an edition of 45, designed and packaged by the band. It is also available as a digital download.