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    50% off rad music at Brave Wave ⊟

    Tiny Cartridge pal (and, full disclosure, Club Tiny member) Brave Wave Productions has just started its first-ever Black Friday sale, which extends to Cyber Monday. The sale allows you to get really dang cool music — including work from Ninja Gaiden’s Keiji Yamagishi, Mega Man’s Manami Matsumae, Spelunky’s Eirik Suhrke, and more — for half off. Just enter the code BF50 at the Brave Wave store and get to listening!

    Other music deals today: Bear and Walrus is giving away its two most recent albums, while MegaRan is selling his albums for just $3 apiece.


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    This new album by Brooklyn dreampop duo The Shortsleeves is full of wonderful stuff, including remixes by Bear & Walrus, Bit Shifter, Greenleaf, Orange Drink and more. 

  • SOUNDS FROM THE CITY is the fifth album by instrumental rock duo Bear & Walrus. You can stream it on Bandcamp or buy it wherever digital music is sold. 

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